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Streaming & Virtual Events

Since the Covid-19 outbreak the live events industry has turned into an almost nonexistence, however you still need to get your message across. Everyone is offering streaming options but we have put in some long hours to come up with a customized web based platform that will not only enable you to get your message across to your audience but will be cost effective. We can obviously throw some technical jargon at you on how good our product is but that is not what we are about, our aim is to get your message across to your audience with minimal effort.

We do not just offer high quality streaming or a digital event, we offer a complete solution from start to finish. With our full bouquet we can manage from the registration process to reminders before the event, the actual streaming and polling. We can even offer reporting after your event on attendees. We are a One Stop shop and can tailor make your look and feel.

Using the latest software and hardware we can professionally pre-record and edit or live stream your message to your audience. We can also do this with a traditional set and stage or we can place you in any environment using our green screen technology. This we can either do at a venue of your choice with minimal crew or you can utilize one of our studio’s. Our streaming system can also be integrated with various platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Microsoft Teams to name a few. We can also connect you with your audience from anywhere in the world using a variety of platforms.

You can use many DIY platforms out there with some help from Google on getting it going but if you want real functionality with a professional look and feel with peace of mind then this is for you.

With our green screen technology, we’ll need minimal elements to create a breath-taking look and feel for your event and with our full functional webinar system the possibilities are endless and very cost effective. We can create a full functional event with all the bells and whistles for you whether it be a presentation, conference or even for educational or training purposes we can assist.

We are about getting your message across to your audience and ensuring that your audience has the best possible experience.